Please note that our representation is not exclusive to treatment providers and practitioners; we are also happy to represent individuals as claimants who have been denied benefits and wish to pursue lost wages and/or reimbursement for medical expenses in instances where the treating physician has not attempted to collect through litigation or arbitration.

To collect for lost wages, send us the following:

  • Disability Letter from your doctor for the period of time we’re claiming
  • Medical records supporting your disability claim
  • Tax returns or a W2 form

To collect benefits, send us the following:

* Having received treatment, you will have “assigned” the right to collect your insurance benefits over to the doctor who treated you. You will need to revoke that assignment if you wish to attempt to collect the benefits on your own.

  • Bills for every treatment/service we are arbitrating
  • All denials associated with the bills
  • All medical records
    • Notes
    • Reports
    • Test results
    • Hospital records
    • And any other relevant records

* Please be advised that when we are arbitrating a case on behalf of an individual claimant (a non-assignee), we can attempt to collect benefits due for services from multiple treatment providers in one single arbitration case.

If your treatment provider has not submitted your bills to the insurance carrier, you should submit the bills yourself—within 45 days of service. Even after the insurance carrier cuts off benefits on the basis of an independent medical examination, it is important to make sure that your bills get sent in to the no-fault carrier. In order to arbitrate, most opinions and decisions hold that even after a cutoff, bills still need to be submitted in a timely manner.